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Corporate events, at the palace in the heart of Bucharest

Noblesse Palace located in the center of Bucharest, University area, just 5 minutes from the University metro station, is one of the most important centers of culture, art, and design, with a unique concept in Europe, an oasis of style in an exclusive location for corporate events. This amazing landmark, dating from the 19th century, is a former aristocratic residence brought back to life and dedicated to the most elegant and unique corporate events.

The architectural style, the decorations, and the design are to take all the guests in an enchanting setting, regardless of the type of event hosted. Featuring all the modern amenities that the contemporary world demands (video surveillance services, complete professional sound equipment, wireless conference microphones, speaker desk, lighting and projection effects including stage lights, smart ambient lights and architectural lights, projector Professional HD, laser show, large plasmas, and an imposing projection screen) and adapted to any specific requirements, Noblesse Palace is transforming radically, in just a few seconds, allowing it to host, on the same evening, various corporate events (from a product launch, a gala event or a themed party to themed conferences, cocktails and more).

It also has a unique space in Bucharest, called Biblioteka Hub dedicated to courses, workshops, and training, an urban concept, in industrial style, which preserves the original brick of the building from 1881 and where space is created generous and relaxing, an oasis of greenery and intimacy in the historical atmosphere of Bucharest.

Noblesse Palace provides its guests with spaces that ensure full and easy functionality for any type of corporate event, arranged as follows:

6 reception rooms on the ground floor (Gallery, Luxury, Baroque, Florence, Regent, Opera Kitchen),

7 magical rooms upstairs (Princess, Knight, Marquise, Duchess, Princess, Romantic Room, Frech Style Foyer)

A basement that serves as the headquarters for Noblesse Group company

A space, in the basement, dedicated to courses, conferences, workshops, and training called Biblioteka Hub

A generous yard of 1000 sqm, beautifully landscaped with pavement and green spaces

Maximum capacity of 120 people (table seating) and 300 people (cocktail type).

Why choose the Noblesse Palace for a corporate event?

Central premium location (located in the center of Bucharest, just 5 minutes from Universitate metro station).

The building, historical monument, completely restored and consolidated to the highest standards, unique in South-Eastern Europe, a true center of events, art and design, recognized by various organizations nationally and internationally

19th-century historical monument, the first eclectic style building in the center of Bucharest, built by the famous architect Alexandru Savulescu

Unique and complex experience. Discover 135 years of history, 3 relevant periods in the history of Romania, from the aristocratic beauty owned by the banker Bergovitz, to the functioning as a Palace of Pioneers Sector 2, to the modern period, from the acquisition by Noblesse Group International

Exclusive tour of Noblesse Palace with the opportunity to visit arts exhibitions but also the latest international interior design collections of Noblesse Group International.

Noblesse Palace

Full range of services

Because we want Noblesse Palace to be the place where every corporate event benefits from that uniqueness and exceeds any expectation, we offer you facilities and services at the highest standard.

Piano from 1800 restored, fully functional.

Event Manager dedicated to the event.

Concept and event planning.

Custom event design on request.

Catering (personalized menus prepared by renowned chefs).


High-performance multimedia systems.


Experience of successful events organized for the most important companies in all fields

Photo and/or video sessions, for corporate events (product launches, galas, business dinners, a cocktail or a refined reception, a conference, themed parties and other corporate events), Noblesse Palace offers that spectacular backdrop, with a unique universe, of long times, but perfectly transposed in the present, being the space of inspiration different from the classical studios.


The peculiarity and specificity of the present blend perfectly with the bohemian style, relaxed and enchanting in equal measure, characteristic of the 19th century. In terms of organizing special events, the Noblesse Palace team excels.


The standards have been considerably exceeded with the help of the professionalism shown by the entire staff, meant to translate into reality any type of event, regardless of its cultural, social, private, or corporate nature.


We warmly invite you to take a visit to the Fairy Tale world of Noblesse Palace, located on 7 Sfinţilor Street, in the heart of Bucharest, where we want to create with you those corporate events that you will always remember with pleasure.

Special moments that live forver!

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